business properties

There are many factors that contribute to finding your best property for a start-up business. For instance, you may want to find a flexible office space, a retail shop or a heated warehouse for your products or services. You may also require commercial storage & equipment space, as well as front and rear parking lots and a loading area. This can be all sorted out thanks to the help of this professional guide and an estate agent. According to experienced estate agents, the process of starting a company involves lots of planning and making key legal actions required by law.

For instance, if you’re a business owner and want to find an old factory that could be converted to a retail shop, an office or warehouse as it will have plenty of commercial storage & equipment space.

If you need commercial storage, in particular, you will need to consider whether you need a basic warehouse, compartment and whether it will need to be temperature controlled. This is especially important for businesses who supply food. Make sure to find a company that is MHRA approved and only has the highest standards in service, like Harlow Group Storage. This company prides itself on their expertise in warehousing, 24-hour surveillance, and exceptional logistics.

However, you will have to sort out a commercial lease agreement that requires a “Commercial Lease Extension Agreement” that is mandatory for all new companies. Moreover, this Commercial Lease Agreement is all important for company owners because it details the terms of the business arrangement so there are no misunderstandings that may result in litigation down the road.

Making sure the building is suitable for your requirements

Once you’ve found the right premises for your business, one of the most important things you’ll need to assess is health and safety. Hiring a consultant who is knowledgeable in current UK health and safety laws and policies will ensure that you’re covered against any potential legal issues down the line. A good consultancy will be able to help you with risk assessments such as fire safety, waste management, resource efficiency and dangerous goods safety advice.